PC Ultra Speed 3.2

PC Ultra Speed 3.2

It is an application designed to optimize your system performance
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At one point or another, everybody has the same problem with computers running slow and receiving lots of error messages. This is usually the time when people turn to programs that can clean up and optimize their systems. PC Ultra Speed is one of these tools which promise to make your PC run better.

I know that I should tell you if using this program will actually lead to any results, but unfortunately I can't, as it doesn't actually do anything until you buy it. PC Ultra Speed uses the same marketing campaign as most of the other software of this kind: it shows you the problems that it discovers, but charges you to fix them.

Feature wise, Ultra Speed is just as mundane as the marketing technique which it uses. It scans your registry files and cleans the errors, it finds and fixes or deletes broken links, junk and residual files, offers several optimization options, etc. The good part is that you can customize every aspect so you will have full control over what the application does.

One of the things I like about PC Ultra Speed is the fact that it keeps a log with every step that the program takes, allowing you to undo any action that had some unforeseen consequences.

Honestly, I was expecting a bit more out of PC Ultra Speed. It's pretty hard to pay this much for an application, when you have no guarantee that it will actually offer the results that you were looking for.

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  • Allows its users to customize the cleaning and the optimization processes
  • Embeds a speed guard which will monitor the performance of your PC from the system tray
  • Keeps logs and allows helps easily undo any action


  • It doesn't actually do anything until you buy it

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I have the codes to login, I would like to use this also, how do I use there login to get started please.

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